Thursday, 29 March 2012


What kind of future does the film industry have?

 How is the industry changing?

 How is the industry going to survive?
The music industry has come to realize that they're not going to make money initially through the sale of music, and have come to accept this, and understood that they may need to find other ways to earn money. Other ways that may be considered are obviously concerts, merchandise, promotions, television shows. The film industry is trusted to have a similar approach to that of the music industry. In aid of the filming industry storages are now free; this pushes industries encouraging them that there are other ways to make money. Other ways that may be considered that will boost their [] are theatre experience, associated merchandise, tour of stars, and etc. 

 What are the obstacles faced by the industry?
There are now different ways of viewing the movie produced by different industries, electronic sell-through, paper-view, video-on-demand, 

 What opportunities are there for the industry?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The King's Speech

This is a film made by a number of different individual organizations, and by fat he most successful one in history.

This film, was written by David Seidler and directed by Tom Hooper.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Understanding Film Making

Script Development 

(An outline, or summary of the film) 
The writer shares the synopsis with the producer and decide on the key events and scenes in the film, in order to achieve this the writer and producer work closely together. It's very important that they are both 'making the same film' so equally important that they both have the same understanding of the film. So they must agree on three things: Genre, Target Audience & Budget.

So how to identify a 'good' scriptwriter? A 'good' scriptwriter is someone that's able to consider the budget and writ a script according to that and being able to estimate the budget while writing the script. Whilst the Producer must be able to cope with a scriptwriter's imagination and keep them informed on the budget.

While a bad script can ruin the film, a good script may take years to finalize! So, in order to avoid that problem the first thing you need is a GOOD SYNOPSIS. A Good Synopsis is definitely written in present tense, as it would be written in the same tense as it would be shot in.. Descriptions are also vital. This helps give an understanding of the film for the producer.

Step Outline
This s more detailed then the Synopsis, it consists of descriptions of the different scenes. It will be more descriptive explaining where the scene will end, what is consists of,

[to be continued]